IELTS Speaking Friends Hướng Dẫn Full 3 Part Đầy Đủ Nhất

IELTS Speaking Friends là một chủ đề quen thuộc và khá cơ bản trong bài thi IELTS Speaking. Để giúp bạn hoàn thiện hơn nữa bài thi này, Edmicro sẽ cung cấp cho bạn những mẫu câu trả lời full 3 Part cùng bộ từ vựng cực chất.

IELTS Speaking Friend Samples
IELTS Speaking Friend Samples

IELTS Speaking Friends Sample Part 1

1. Are you still friends with any of your childhood friends?

Yes, I’m fortunate to still be friends with a few of my childhood buddies. We’ve known each other since we were kids, and our friendship has stood the test of time. We have a strong bond, and even though our lives have taken us in different directions, we make an effort to stay in touch and meet up whenever possible. It’s a special connection that I truly cherish.

  • stand the test of time: vững vàng theo năm tháng
  • stay in touch: giữ liên lạc
  • cherish (v): trân trọng

2. Do you have any good friends who live far away? (Why/Why not?)

Yes, I do have good friends who live far away. Some of them moved to different cities or even different countries due to work or personal reasons. While the distance can be challenging, we make an effort to stay in touch through messages, calls, and occasional visits. 

3. What do you value most about your friends?

What I value most about my friends is their unwavering support and the genuine connection we share. They’re there for me in good times and bad, offering a listening ear and a helping hand when needed. Trust and understanding are the cornerstones of our friendships, and I appreciate the laughter and shared experiences we have together. 

  • unwavering (adj): không đắn đo
  • cornerstone (n): nền tảng, cơ sở
IELTS Speaking Friends Part 1 sample
Part 1 sample IELTS Speaking chủ đề bạn bè

4. Do you think you are a good friend? (Why/Why not?)

I like to think of myself as a good friend. I believe I’m reliable and supportive, always there to lend an ear or a helping hand when my friends need it.  However, I also recognize that there’s always room for improvement, and I continue to work on being an even better friend to those I care about.

  • lend an ear: lắng nghe
  • lend a helping hand: giúp đỡ

IELTS Speaking Sample Part 2 chủ đề bạn bè

Trong IELTS Speaking Friends Part 2, bạn được yêu cầu miêu tả về một người bạn. 

Các nội dung trong phần miêu tả chủ đề IELTS Speaking topic Friend này bao gồm:

  • Giới thiệu thông tin cơ bản: Tên, tuổi, nơi học tập, sinh sống, làm việc của người bạn đó
  • Miêu tả về tình huống gặp gỡ
  • Miêu tả về tính cách, ngoại hình
  • Kể về kỷ niệm, hoạt động đáng nhớ mà cả hai cùng thực hiện
  • Điểm tương đồng và ảnh hưởng tích cực của người đó lên bạn

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Cách triển khai IELTS Speaking Friends Part 2
Cách triển khai IELTS Speaking Part 2 đề tài về bạn bè

Phần thi IELTS Speaking Friends Part 2 chỉ kéo dài trong 2 phút vì thế bạn cần tập trung vào những thông tin mà đề bài yêu cầu và vận dụng hiệu quả các từ vựng và cấu trúc ngữ pháp giúp ghi điểm cao.

Sample: Describe one of your best friends

You should say:

  • What this person looks like;
  • When and where you met this person;
  • What you do when you are together.

And explain why he/she is your best friend

One of my closest and dearest friends is Sarah. She’s a remarkable person with a distinct appearance. Sarah has long, wavy chestnut hair that cascades down her back, framing her face beautifully. Her striking green eyes seem to light up when she smiles, and her warm, welcoming smile is one of her most endearing features. She’s of average height, and her style is a perfect blend of classic and modern, always reflecting her unique personality.

Our friendship withstood the test of time, spanning over a decade. We first crossed paths in our freshman year at college, around eight years ago. Our initial encounter was during a group project in an economics class. It was one of those rare moments when you instantly connect with someone. We found ourselves on the same wavelength, and our friendship blossomed from there.

IELTS Speaking Friends Part 2 sample
IELTS Speaking Part 2 sample

When Sarah and I are together, the world becomes a more vibrant and exciting place. We share a passion for exploration, so we often embark on adventures to discover new places. Whether it’s hiking through scenic trails, visiting art exhibitions, or exploring quaint towns, we’re always up for an adventure. Food is another common interest that binds us, and our culinary escapades involve trying out new restaurants and experimenting with cooking at home.

What truly makes Sarah my best friend is the depth of our connection. She’s not just a friend; she’s a confidant and a companion through life’s ups and downs. I can always count on her for guidance, support, and a listening ear. Her understanding and empathy have been a source of strength during the most challenging moments of my life. Our friendship is built on a foundation of trust, shared experiences, and countless memories. Sarah’s presence in my life has enriched it in countless ways, and I consider her an irreplaceable part of my journey.

  • distinct (adj): khác biệt 
  • cascade down (v): đổ xuống
  • endearing (adj): đáng yêu, dễ mến
  • on the same wavelength: cùng suy nghĩ
  • vibrant (adj): sôi động
  • embark on: bắt đầu làm cái gì đó mới 
  • scenic (adj): có cảnh đẹp
  • quaint (adj): cổ kính
  • bind (v): gắn kết
  • culinary escapade (n): sự phiêu lưu trong ẩm thực
  • confidant (n): bạn tâm giao
  • irreplaceable (adj): không thể thay thế

IELTS Speaking Friend Sample Part 3

What are the important qualities of a good friend?

A good friend embodies qualities such as trustworthiness, loyalty, empathy respect, honesty, reliability, shared interests, a sense of humor, forgiveness, support, and availability. These traits underpin strong and enduring friendships.

  • trustworthiness (n): sự đáng tin cậy
  • underpin (v) = support

Do adults and children make friends in the same way?

While there are some similarities, adults and children often make friends differently. Both seek shared interests and value trust, loyalty, and reliability. Adults may base friendships on shared experiences like work, while children often connect through school and activities. Adults may prioritize empathy and emotional support, whereas children’s friendships are often more spontaneous and play-based

  • empathy (n): sự thấu hiểu
  • spontaneous (adj): ngẫu nhiên
  • play-based (adj): dựa trên chuyện chơi cùng nhau
Sample IELTS Speaking Friends Part 2 (1)
Sample IELTS Speaking Friend Part 2 (1)

Do you think it is possible to become real friends with people you meet on the internet?

Yes, it’s certainly possible to form real friendships with people you meet on the internet. In the digital age, online interactions have become increasingly common, and many meaningful connections and friendships have developed through social media, forums, and various online communities. However, the key to establishing genuine online friendships lies in moving beyond superficial interactions and building trust and shared experiences over time. 

  • superficial (adj): hời hợt

What do you think causes friendships to break up?

Friendships can break up due to various reasons. One common cause is a change in circumstances, such as moving to a different location or transitioning to a new phase of life, like starting a family or changing jobs. Misunderstandings and conflicts can also strain friendships if they’re not resolved through effective communication. Differences in values, interests, or priorities can lead to growing apart. Additionally, betrayals of trust or breaches of loyalty can be a significant cause of friendship dissolution.

  • Misunderstanding (n): hiểu lầm
  • breach of loyalty (n): sự không trung thành
  • dissolution (n): sự tan rã
Sample IELTS Speaking Friends Part 3 (2)
Sample IELTS Speaking Friend Part 3 (2)

Vocabularies, Collocations & Indioms IELTS Speaking about Friend

Cách Paraphrase từ “Friend”

Cách paraphrase "Friend"
Cách paraphrase “Friend”

Vocabularies topic IELTS Speaking về bạn bè

Vocabularies topic Friends
Vocabularies topic Friends
Từ vựng chủ đề Friend (tiếp)
Từ vựng chủ đề Friend (tiếp)
Động từ chủ đề FriendsIELTS Speaking
Động từ chủ đề Friend IELTS Speaking

Collocations & Idioms Speaking IELTS Friend

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Collocations & Idioms topic Friends
Collocations & Idioms topic Friends

Bài viết trên đây hi vọng đã cung cấp cho bạn những mẫu câu trả lời và bộ từ vựng hữu ích cho chủ đề IELTS Speaking Friends. Bạn cũng có thể tìm đọc các bài viết giải đề Speaking theo chủ đề tương tự tại website Edmicro . Chúc bạn khai thác hiệu quả những thông tin trong bài viết này và tự tin chinh phục phần thi Speaking nhé.


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